Welcome to Bloggi

Thank you for signing up. I’m happy that you’re here.

I didn’t want to spend too much time implementing a fancy onboarding flow so I just sneaked in this example post here explaining some things with the hope that you end up reading it.

The first thing you should know is that Bloggi uses Markdown for formatting. Markdown is a simple formatting syntax for converting plain text into HTML. If you don’t know it, fear not, it is easy to learn. I’ve put together a short Markdown guide for you.

Things are pretty basic for now—I wanted to launch the simplest version of Bloggi I could think of and see if there is enough interest before investing more time in it.

An especially basic thing right now is the editor. Next thing on my list is adding keyboard shortcuts, formatting buttons and a way to preview your post without leaving the page.

But until then, you’re probably better off using a more powerful Markdown editor and just copy-pasting the text here. I love and recommend iA Writer (no affiliation). You might notice that Bloggi is somewhat inspired by it.

Also, right now there are almost no customization options, but that’s another thing high on my list. In the future you’ll be able to easily customize the layout, typography and color scheme of your blog, as well as the HTML and CSS (if you know that stuff).

If you have any feedback or questions just let me know at hernan@bloggi.co or @hernansartorio.