Markdown Guide

Here’s is a short guide for formatting text with Markdown in Bloggi.


You can define headings by typing # at the beginning of the line. The number of hashtags determines the level of the heading. A post’s title is the first-level header, so a # is always fixed there.

## This is a second-level heading
### This is a third-level heading
#### This is a fourth-level heading


_Also italic_

__Also bold__
[link text](


[link text](ref)



![Optional description](

For now only externally hosted images are supported.


Bullet lists

You can create bullet lists by typing -, + or * at the beginning of each line.

- First item
- Second item
  - A nested item

Numbered lists

You can create numbered lists by typing 1. at the beginning of each line.

1. First item
2. Second item
3. Third item

Block quotes

> This is a quoted paragraph


You can define `inline code` by wrapping it with backticks.
You can define a code block by wrapping it with triple backticks.
    Or by indenting the text with four spaces.


Sentence with a footnote [^1].

[^1]: The footnote content