How did I get here?

Interesting question, as a matter of fact, I can’t exactly remember.
Probably Product Hunt or could it be Designer News?

What I can tell you for sure, is that I love it.
Easy to sign-up and publish the first blog, as well as the experience of typing here makes me want to type more.

I always wanted to have a blog. And to be quite honest I tried different tools such as Blogspot, Wordpress, Jekyll and most recently Ghost.

All of them have a lot to offer, but one thing they didn’t focus on is engaging the user. Some people might argue that I am the one interested and in need of a blogging tool, which means I should the one engaging with it. I agree with it but I also think tools need to solve a problem and not create more, by saying that I should not stop using a tool made for blogging because I got blocked with Themes. Do you hear Wordpress?

Anyways, that is just a test and will publish it now and see how does it look.

Good job Mr. Creator